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Evaluation and Statistics


Need to complete a Needs Assessment? Planning an activity or program and need evaluation services?  We can help design the evaluation component before you implement your program. If you have already collected data on your program, we can analyze your data.

Looking for an evaluator for multiple programs over the course of a grant? Contact us for information on evaluation packages and bundles for long-term collaboration.

Thesis and Dissertation Analyses

Proposed analyses and need help executing those analyses? We can help with everything from descriptive analyses through longitudinal modeling. Cross-sectional, longitudinal designs, measure development, and beyond.

Quantitative Data Analysis

For quantitative data, the analysis often relies on the use of statistical software, and requires both a descriptive (or exploratory) analysis and an inferential analysis to produce statistically valid inferences. A descriptive analysis utilizes tools such as tables and plots to explore the data as well and specific research questions in more depth, prior to conducting inferential analyses, which confirm the significance as well as magnitude of the statistical association between the main variables in your research.

Data Interpretation

The final discussion and conclusion needs to focus on correctly interpreting the data analysis results, in addition to providing directions for future study – including any limitations of the study, in addition to any recommendations for future studies as well as implications for social change and theory.

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